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Then imagine that he shows up living in the house next door to you. I have no doubt that after the initial shock subsided swift and decisive action would follow. The community would rally and protests would ensue and his every action would be scrutinized.

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Meetings would be held during which every law regarding pedophiles and every bit of information regarding the s of child sex abuse would be discussed. Experts would be brought in to educate the community, and the determination of every citizen would be unshakeable until the most notorious threat to children's innocence was back in prison or relocated where he could not harm another.

For the sake of argument, let's add another twist to our story.

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What if Jerry Sandusky lived next door to you and victim one had never come forward? There would be no knowledge of any of the forty-five counts of child abuse that a jury of his peers convicted him of.

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He would appear to be this well-known and respected figure that for all appearances is someone you would invite over for a Sunday barbecue. As a survivor of child sex abuse I will tell you that the story of Jerry Sandusky's victims has played out many times all over the world and continues to play out as you read this article.

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According to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, there are currently ,registered sex offenders in the United States and typicallyof those are uned for. These are just the ones that we know about, and as the events at Penn State have unfolded, we have seen how these individuals can find sanctuary in a place where 's innocence is stripped of its value.

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Jerry Sandusky is but one head of the Hydra, a multi-headed snake-like creature in Greek mythology who, when one head was cut off, grew two back in its place. The problem of pedophilia is real, and the danger we face now is the slow lapse back into complacency as Sandusky rots in a jail cell for the rest of his life. The Backpage Escorts Catano PR was defeated by Heracles but only with the help of his nephew Iolaus. As each head was severed the pair worked together using a torch to cauterize the neck preventing the emergence of additional hideous he.

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The lesson we need to learn from this ancient Greek myth is that we can defeat those who threaten the most valuable treasure we have as they attempt to slither into their lives. To accomplish this we have to work together as a society to stop the next pedophile at the shower room door.

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We have the tools right in front of us to end child abuse in our lifetime and the first and most important of those is Backpage Escorts Catano PR. The thought of our children incapacitated and their lives slipping away drives us to learn these lifesaving techniques. The memory of my childhood innocence is a whisper beneath the screams of my five-year-old self as the memories of my vandalized childhood echo in the recesses of my mind. I will never know the joy of being a carefree child lying in a field watching clouds as I imagine figures in their gentle shapes.

What I can do is fight until my dying breath so that every child can experience this and stop the tragedy of another vandalized childhood. According to Ryan C. They also echo a fact made clear with the conviction of Jerry Sandusky.

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Pedophiles rarely if ever admit their guilt under any circumstances including a conviction for child molestation. Welcome to the mind of Jerry Sandusky where his acts are justified by a twisted sense of reality that all pedophiles share.

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An estimated 1 in 20 cases of child sexual abuse is reported or identified. During the Second World War the United States was reluctant to become involved in a conflict that would cost many American lives, but one event changed all that. We now face a new evil, and the trial of Jerry Sandusky is the Pearl Harbor in that war against child abuse. It is our call to action, both survivors and the rest of society to establish a united front against the vandalizing of our children's innocence.

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We have to empower and educate parents and establish programs in our schools, public and private, along with our churches, youth leagues and summer camps to educate adults and children about the s of child abuse. Erin Merryn is a passionate and dedicated advocate for change, and a survivor of child abuse.

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She has worked tirelessly to promote passage of the legislation to ensure that we educate and empower parents, teachers and children through the passage of Erin's law. Illinois, Indiana, Missouri, New York and recently Michigan have all passed Erin's law, and we need to support passage in the remaining states.

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Backpage Escorts Catano PR It is through efforts such as Erin's that we can truly defeat the assault on our children's innocence. We also need to enlist the aid of those individuals whom children idolize in the sports and entertainment industries to make public service announcements about recognizing and reporting child abuse. We need to explore every avenue to arm children with the ability to trigger a chain of reporting that effectively deals with any inappropriate sexual behavior before the curtain of silence falls.

The law has to adapt to the circumstances of child abuse and the statute of limitations has to be extended.

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It sometimes takes decades for a victim of child abuse to be able to overcome the grip of their pain and be able to disclose what happened to them. Studies have shown that who is a victim of child abuse must tell an average of nine adults before they are even believed. Many just give up and suffer in silence for many years with some never finding the strength to tell. We have learned from Penn State the harsh reality of how those who witness or have knowledge of ongoing child abuse react.

The appalling conduct of Penn State officials who knew of Jerry Sandusky's molestation of young boys and chose to cover it up has shown us that people must be made responsible for their actions Backpage Escorts Catano PR regards to crimes against children.

Andrew Lanza would broaden the mandatory reporting law.


Current legislation requires psychologists, physicians, day care providers, registered nurses, substance and alcohol abuse counselors, and social workers to report child abuse or be subject to civil and criminal liability. If they report an incidence of child abuse and an investigation finds no proof, the mandated reporter is given immunity under the law from any lawsuit that ensues as long as their report was done in good faith. The new law states that if an individual witnesses a criminal act against as defined by the penal code and realizes that a crime is being committed, they must report what they saw or face criminal charges.

The legislation is carefully worded to avoid any constitutional conflicts and is a serious attempt at enacting a revised reporting law that can withstand any legal challenges. It is unfortunate that we must compel individuals to report child abuse, but history has now taught us that the alternative is unacceptable. In the CDC received three million reports of children being abused or neglected and 1, children died from abuse or neglect in that year. According to the U. Department of Health and Human Services report on child abuse, children who were younger than one year old had the greatest incidence of victimization with We need to bring the crime of child abuse out Backpage Escorts Catano PR the shadows and shatter the silence that has imprisoned our children and sentenced them to a lifetime of pain.

As a society we are being Backpage Escorts Catano PR of our most valuable resource, the innocence ofand we are slowly losing our grip on the future of our world.

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The facts about pedophiles are alarming, and Jerry Sandusky has shown the world that a reputation and respect is no longer a bulletproof vest that can shield the evisceration of 's innocence. The facts about sexual predators can make any parent feel as if they can trust no one around their children, and as a parent and a survivor I have felt that way at times. The reality is that we have to be educated and aware. If we go hiking in an unfamiliar environment we research the dangers from venomous snakes, poisonous plants and dangerous wildlife.

We have to take the same approach for pedophiles Backpage Escorts Catano PR make sure we know the s of danger before it is too late.

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Pedophiles are the embodiment of evil with many using respect as a disguise in order to vandalize childhoods as our untrained focus lays dormant. How do we begin to change the future for victims of child abuse?

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Educate yourself as much and as often as possible and then educate others. There are many organizations that offer education and provide resources or both victims and the general public. Savannah Dietrich of Louisville told The Courier-Journal she is frustrated by what she feels is a lenient deal for her attackers.

The Associated Press does not normally report the names of sexual assault victims, but Dietrich and her parents say they do not want to shield her identity, and they want her case to be public.

If we identify and treat, perhaps we can save both victim and perpetrator

The boys' attorneys have asked a judge to hold Dietrich in contempt for violating the confidentiality of a hearing and the judge's order not to speak about it. Dietrich told the paper she was assaulted in August by two boys she knew when she passed out after drinking at a gathering.

She learned months later that pictures of the assault were taken and shared with others.

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Dietrich's attorneys want her contempt hearing open to the media, arguing she has a First Amendment right to speak about her case and to a public hearing. The boys pleaded guilty on June 26 to first-degree sexual abuse and misdemeanor voyeurism. Dietrich says she was unaware of a plea agreement until just before it was announced in court.


The teens are to be sentenced next month. When Judge Dee McDonald admonished everyone at the hearing not to speak about what happened in court or about the crime, Dietrich said she cried. In a recent story, Mercury News reporters Julia Prodis Sulek and Sharon Noguchi asked why some school personnel don't report complaints of child abuse, especially when they involve a colleague.

Here's the crux of their report:.

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Their piece followed the latest developments in the Jerry Sandusky scandal and apparent cover-up at Penn State; it also came in the wake of a series of investigative reports by Bay Area News Group staffers Matthias Gafni and Malaika Fraley that uncovered another dark story stories, really that happened in the s at a school much closer to home, at Joaquin Moraga Intermediate Backpage Escorts Catano PR in Moraga.

You should really read their work, if you haven't. Today, Congressman George Miller announced he was asking the Government ability Office to examine the effectiveness of current laws and policies on child abuse reporting.

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He released the letter he had sent to the head of the agency, requesting the inquiry. It began:. Miller wants the agency to find out the procedures in place at schools and universities and how they handle allegations that school staff engaged in child abuse, and how parents are Backpage Escorts Catano PR when there has been such an allegation or investigation; what laws and regulations states have in place for such complaints; and what policies universities have to protect children on campus who aren't students, but who are participating in on-campus activities. Based on your experience, are human failings -- fear, loyalty to peers, denial -- at the root of the problem, where it exists, or is it a matter of clarifying policies and strengthening laws?

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Or both? Which policies would make a difference? I an oath and I am ultimately responsible. HOWEVER, in teacher credential programs and in Oakland Unified, teachers are told to report the incidents to their principal and document, document, document the date, time, circumstances, and place you were when you reported the incident.

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